Top Gifts of 2016 For Kids- ‘Tis the Season!


With the Christmas and giving season around the corner, may parents, grandparents and kid-friendly people are starting to look for gift giving ideas. It seems as though the ‘common’ thing to do is give money to kids so that they can purchase a gift that they’d like to have.



We can all take the ‘easy way out’ and buy gift cards, give money, or simply take a kiddo out and buy them what they want- but what happens Christmas morning when there aren’t any gifts to open- especially if the kids in question are young?



This list should help give ideas on what’s ‘in’ for kids, and what your special youngster may like to receive as a gift.



1) ‘Hatchimals Eggs’

are really cool and have been a favorite all year. They are eggs that kids take care of and they hatch with a surprise animal inside of them. These are a big hit with younger boys and girls alike- both because of the element of surprise and then for the surprise animal that they can foster and take care of. These eggs run about $60.00 and they are a great gift for younger children.


You can see a link to ‘Hatchimals Eggs’ here, but you need to pre-order them because they are out of stock: click here 




2) SELFIE Mic Music-Set in Black & Gold

This is the ultimate gift for the kid who loves to sing and things that his/her singing is the best thing since peanut butter- as you can record and watch yourself sing. It may need to be turned down later in the evening but this is an awesome way for kids to have a lot of good clean fun, and it will take up all kinds of time and attention. Singing isn’t the worst thing a kid can do!






3) The Pie Face Game by Hasbro

Clearly created to taunt parents everywhere into wanting to curse Hasbro, the Pie Face Game is a riot! Who doesn’t want to see their friends get a pie in the face? To be honest, who doesn’t want to get a pie in the face?? This is genius!






4) Franklin Throw-Down Base Set

Who doesn’t want a beautiful real base set when you are out to play a pick up game of softball or baseball with your buddies? ‘Throwing like a girl’ is a complement these days. This is a perfect gift for a young baseball lover!






5) Guitar Hero Live For Xbox 360

Guitar hero truly is a great game to play for the entire family. There are several different music choices and it’s really a fun thing to see who can keep up and play! You can have tournaments and play-offs, and competitions, or just practice on your own. Kids who enjoy Guitar Hero can also develop their proclivity to music. It’s a great interactive game that promotes hand/eye coordination as well as music appreciation! You can get Guitar Hero at any video game chain store, or online anywhere!



Have fun this season and think outside the box! There are so many interactive toys that can lead children to appreciate different things that life has to offer! Wishing everyone a wonderful gift giving season- may all of your dreams come true!


Top Gifts for girls


Let’s face it, these days it’s extremely hard to find gifts for kids which don’t deal directly with new cell phones or laptops/tablets. There are however, many very cool choices for girls ages 4-11 that make for wonderful gifts which will be used and enjoyed.



1) Hue Animation Studiopc0000



The Animation Studio will bring back fond memories of the old clay-mation moves like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. The software, the clay, and the bending cameras will help young girls make their own movies, and they will spend hours making something very cool!



More information on the Hue Animation Studio can be found here:



2) Bicycles



Bicycles are all the rage. Some folks in bike-friendly states are actually selling their vehicles and going to riding their bikes full time. Regardless if you get a simple pedal bike or a speed bike, one thing is for certain- girls love bikes and the exercise they get from riding bikes even for fun, is very healthy and sometimes even life-changing.



3) T-Shirts with Likes



The ‘in-thing’ with younger girls is to have ‘I like’ t-shirts. The shirt might say something like ‘Sarah likes soda, clean sheets, gossiping, her iphone and her little brother.’ The more focus a young girl gets, the better. These t-shirts can be made from several different manufacturers and they are very popular with younger girls. You can customize a t-shirt like this at, and here is a link to show you what the t-shirts look like:



4) Sea Monkeys


If you want a scientific gift, sea monkeys are so much fun. Kids can put seeds into an aquarium and watch the sea monkeys come alive and grow in the water. Another fun thing to do is get a girl a goldfish or ‘aqua farm’ and give them the responsibility of taking care of their very own pet. Feeding and changing the water is a great idea to show your daughter/niece/whomever how to take responsibility for another living creature.



5) Choose Your Own Adventure Books2515893617_ac66e1902c



Choose your own adventure books are very neat, and they can encourage young girls to read. Reading is one of the most essential tools a child of ages 4-9 can master and love, and the choose-your-own-adventure books are an incredible way to get your child reading, as well as having them interact in a book where you can choose your ending or adventure. You can see more about ‘Choose Your Own Adventure Books’ by clicking on this link:



6) Roylco Straws and Connectors Building Kits



Roylco Straws are amazing tools for young architects to build buildings, boats, towers, and whatever a young girl wishes to build. They definitely are not just for boys. The possibilities with these straws are endless and little girls learn how to build a project from the ground up. This is unique and interesting, and something that little girls who enjoy building would be a perfect fit for.



7) Reversible Batman and Superman Capes- Pink and Black



Why should all of the boys have the superhero-cape-wearing fun? There are many companies that make beautiful pink capes for girls who like to dawn the symbol of their favorite superhero as well! This makes a great gift for girls ages 7-8 and believe it or not, it enhances a little girl’s self esteem and worth!