Top Gifts For Boys


Christmas is coming and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for all of the boys in your life. Whether you have sons, grandsons, nephews or simply friends, we all know that buying for boys can be difficult- especially if it’s not something like a cell phone, video game, or XBox controller. Here are a few ideas for gifts for younger boys that don’t necessarily relate to electronics.



1) The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Kitlego-star-wars-millennium-falcon-75105-building-kit1


I personally purchased this giant Millennium Falcon for my Star-Wars-Crazy son when he was around eleven years old. I can say that it was more than likely the best toy he ever got. He put it together and played with it all the time. He was the envy of all of his friends. I am not sure what the draw to Star Wars is with boys (or grown men and women!), however if your guy likes Star Wars this is a phenomenal gift! You can see a link to the toy here:



2) Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Deadzone Blaster


A stereotypical boy is probably fascinated by zombies, as well as guns. This Zombie Striker is extremely cool and it does great work when it comes to soaking your friends. It makes a better gift at Christmas, however, because it’s too cold to fill it up and squirt it! It’s something the kids can look forward to on vacations and during the summer.



3) Amazon Fire for Kidsamazonfiretablet6



The Amazon Fire for kids is durable and it has a two year warranty. It’s not a sluggish tablet, and it’s very reasonably priced at around $80. If your child breaks it, Amazon will replace it for free for up to two years. It’s a great little tablet to watch movies, or read from. You can see the link to this tablet here:





4) Big Bucket of Zombie Action Figuresbucketof



For decades now, boys have been playing with little green soldiers and building them up all around living rooms, dining tables, and outside. The soldiers give a young boy a feel for the art of war, and help them with their critical and strategic thinking skills. The big bucket of Zombie action figures are just like the soldiers, but the new twist is that the figurines are actually zombies! These are hip, fun, and they’ll give young boys hundreds of hours of play time!







5) BB-8 Spherostar-wars-sphero-bb8-droid-star-wars-bb8-droid-sphero-review-uk-release-date-sphero-uk-review-droid-369643



You can’t go wrong when you give a boy a BB-8 for a gift, especially if he’s a big Star Wars fan. The BB-8 does fairly cool things, like walks into walls and sort of cusses- and it can be trained to follow your voice. It’s a neat thing to see BB-8 rolling around the halls and rooms of your house. It’s like a pet that you don’t have to feed.







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