Tips that will help you save money during Xmas while avoiding debts like the plague


It’s not a good idea to spend borrowed money on Christmas gifts and other things. If you do so, you will surely end up in debts. Apparently, this is common advice that people tend to ignore. They insist on keeping up with the Joneses regardless of the financial implications. Ultimately, they end up paying a hefty price for something they could have easily prevented.


Fortunately, there are ways to work around this problem and still have enough to spend during Christmas time.


So if you want to spare yourself from financial pain, these tips will inspire you and also save you from potentially getting into debts


1 Comparison shoppingxmas-image-4


The idea is to ultimately save money and even have surplus during the holiday season. And the best way to do this is to compare items and their prices on the internet. This is a job that your smart phone can do very well.


Great deals are right on your finger tips. You can take advantage of coupons to buy things online instead of paying the full price. This will save you money especially if you’re buying in bulk.


2 Purchase gift cards and get attractive rewards


Eating out is something that people do a lot during the holiday season, and it costs money. However, the situation is made worse when you start showering family and friends with Christmas gifts. It’s the best way to go broke in a short time.


But there’s a trick you can use to save yourself some money here. Just walk into a retailer’s shop and purchase a gift card. Some restaurant will give you a free $10 gift card if you purchase meals worth $25. This is a great way to save money on restaurants if you must eat out. Again, whether you decide to keep these gift cards or give them out, you will still save a great chunk of your budget, and it will prevent you from getting into unnecessary debts.


3 Take advantage of credit card reward points


Instead of spending money on expensive gifts, you can accumulate reward points on your credit card and harvest them around Christmas time. You will be surprised how reward points can supplement your gift-giving during this time of the year. It can go a long way into saving you from landing in debts.


And the correct way to do so is to compare credit cards and pick the right one. The right credit card will allow you to buy things that you mostly need and still reward you with handsome points to use at the end of the year.


4 Make some adjustments to your gift-givingimages-3


The quickest way to lose money and probably end up in debts is by showering everyone with gifts during Christmas time. Unless you’re very wealthy, there is no point in gifting your extended family.


Sure, you can gift them once in a while. But it is not always a must to do so every year. Therefore, you can always explain that due to financial constraints, you’re only gifting your parents this time round to avoid getting in debts. That explanation is sufficient enough to save your wallet.


5 Budget and set limits


Budgeting is something that we don’t really like. Consequently, this has caused many people to spend without a spending plan in place. You see, this category of people don’t know how to say No to something they think they can afford. But it’s also the quickest way to fall in debts. Therefore, a spending plan is always necessary to avoid debts. You should always look for ways to stretch your dollar. Never forget to set limits.


That’s it! There are no other special tricks or magic to saving yourself from potentially sinking in debts. So if you can stick to these tips and tricks, you will surely save some money during the holiday season. It’s just that simple but hard to implement.





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