Choose the Best Laptop for Your Child/Teenager


Making a choice on which laptop you should buy for your child is just like buying the bet car for a new driver. The best laptop means a lot. It can be a laptop that handles the most colorful graphics of the latest web-based game applications, or a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry, or even durable. Every parent has different considerations for purchasing a laptop. There are many key things one should put in mind of buying a laptop for the child.



Age of the children


The small children have the same hands that are small and therefore consider going for the small laptops. The kids will be comfortable seeing objects on the small laptop than on a larger one. The demand for the machine for children is little. They only engage in using the laptop when doing some schoolwork, simple games, and recreation. Younger children need lightweight laptops to make their movements easy. Older children will need slightly bigger laptops because they tend to do a lot of things. Shop for a laptop depending on the age of the child and the use to which she/he will put it.



Computers recommended in schoolbest-college-laptops-acer-aspire-r7


Most institutions suggest particular types of laptops because of the education demand. It is important for you to know the types they use at school so as the child can also be familiar with the one you buy. Some sites have buying guides specifically dedicated to student laptops.



Size of the laptop




The two first measurements guardians need to know is the size and weight of the machine. Size refers to the diagonal length of the screen. It should be at least 11 to 13 inches for smaller children. The older one can handle a little heavier and with large screens.





Kid’s laptop should have a processor of i3 or any other recent processor. Kids do not have much to do with the laptops; parents should not waste a lot of money upgrading the processors. The typical processor is enough unless the child wants to do some heavy video editing or graphic designs.lenovo_yoga_thumb



Memory and price of the laptop


Kid’s laptop should be 320- 500 GB of storage which is more than enough. You can purchase a portable hard drive if you feel the room is not sufficient. Most laptops should be between $199 and $600 with very few costing slightly higher. The lower ticket machines might be less durable, but they are all designed for the same purpose.



Recommended models of laptops for kids


Research shows that Acer Aspires is the best models of laptops to be used by children. The Acer Aspire V3-571G have an i5 processor with a good amount of RAM that will run games the kid wants. It can also accommodate another external storage device for more games. For more information find here.




Pros of the laptop


• It is one of the cheapest laptops that can handle games


• It has decent graphics


• It is suitable for school work and playing.






• The battery does not last for long; it takes 5 hours only.


• The memory installed is only for few games although it can accept the external device.











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